Download The New CM Punk "Best In The World" Wallpaper

CM Punk "Best In The World" Wallpaper
He’s Not A Sports-Entertainer. He’s a professional wrestler!
What a relief! CM Punk is the new WWE Champion, and now there’s real hope for the WWE Championship division. Lets be honest, the title hasn’t been relevant for some time now, and with it constantly jumping from superstar to superstar practically every 2 months for the last several years, nobody really takes the Championship seriously. Well all that is about to change.
Now, I’m not blindly optimistic. I know that even with CM Punk as the champ, the guys behind Raw’s curtains can and probably will screw this up. But if there’s one person on the roster right now who has the ability and drive to turn that division upside-down and into the esteemed ‘thing worth fighting for‘ that is was before, it’s the Second City Savior, CM Punk.
Not only that, if there’s someone who can be a champion who can connect to the WWE Univer…*urmm*…fans…more than anyone, it’s CM Punk. He says things that no one else dares say. When he called the “WWE Universe” a ‘buzz word for corporate higher-ups’, the only thing that came out of my mouth was “F**k yeah it is!”. My only real issue with this is that CM Punk has been shoved into irrelevant matches for the last couple of months, and that seems to have slowed his momentum down a little. Teaming with Triple H? Diverting his attention? Having a verbal war with Kevin Nash? None of these things needed to happen. He should have been at the necks of either John Cena or Alberto Del Rio all the time, dropping pipebombs and creating his own league all the way, until he finally won the big one.
Also, if it were up to me, I’d want Punk to hold on to that belt until WrestleMania 28. I don’t mind The Rock vs John Cena match not being for the championship. Actually, I’d be psyched if Daniel Bryan cashed-in for a match at WrestleMania against CM Punk instead of the current champ at the time on SmackDown!. How cool would that be? It would be like CM Punk vs the Anti-Punk. They’re so similar, yet so different.
Anyway, here’s something to celebrate Punk’s big win at Survivor Series last week. Him and Del Rio put on a terrific match at the show, and the intense cheering from MSG’s ruckus crowd didn’t hurt either. Big thank you’s go out to VKM and the guys over at for the awesome hi-res images of Punk. Download this brand new wallpaper, fellas, appropriately titled “Best In The World“. Do it before a specific someone comes back and tries to reclaim his moniker at least. ;)

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