Download The WWE '12 "Bigger . Badder . Better" Wallpaper


Have you heard? WWE 12′ has been scoring great ratings across major videogame websites! IGN gave it a 9.0/10 whereas other websites are saying this game is a must-have! Now, if you’re a fan of WWE videogames, you’ll understand why this is great news. THQ promised a brand new era in wrestling videogames with WWE 12′, the brand new title in the series, taking off after the previous SmackDown! vs Raw line-up. I made wallpapers for those over the last 2 years, so I thought hey, why not make one for a game that has actually proven to be fairly awesome? 
I haven’t played WWE 12′ yet, but I’m planning on getting it on tomorrow. It’s exciting to finally be able to play a WWE videogame that isn’t bad. The last few games in the series were, how do you say, full of suck.
To be honest, I wasn’t blown away by the gameplay that I saw in demo videos for WWE 12′. My three favorite WWE videogames of all time are SmackDown! 2 (Playstation), Here Comes The Pain (PS2), and SmackDown vs Raw 2006 (PS2). The rest of them were awful. For some reason the gameplay in this one doesn’t look as good as the ones in HCTP and SDvsRaw2006, but I have a couple of trusted reviewers and if they’re saying it’s pretty good, I’m definitely going to try it out.
Getting to play as The Rock again will be awesome. He was one of my favorites in Here Comes The Pain. Speaking of ‘The Pain’, how f**king awesome is it that Brock Lesnar is in this thing? Let the F5′s fly, baby! Unfortunately my favorite WWE videogame character of all time, Chris Jericho, isn’t in this one so I’m hoping they keep the momentum going and produce a great game next year as well, by which time hopefully Jericho’s back in action. Otherwise, make him DLC or something. Another cool feature? Create An Arena. Forget the same ol’ arenas over and over and create your own battleground for the superstars. Pretty cool.
Anyway, enough talk. Are you going to be playing WWE 12′ soon? Who will you play as? While you’re in the hype, grab this wallpaper featuring some of the biggest superstars from the game and then some. Also do yourself a favor and watch the launch trailer with Randy Orton in it. Orton’s a menacing beast in that one, plus it has Brock Lesnar in it at the end. Download and enjoy, all! Gotta’ thank VKM and the guys over at WCFR as well for these awesome hi-res shots. You make these wallpapers possible, fellas. :)

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