WWE Cryptic Videos : Masked Kane and Possibly Chris Jericho / Undertaker Return?


Two cryptic messages played-out on Monday Night Raw. WWE’s Twitter bar went ‘fuzzy’ for a bit, allowing us to catch glimpses of a YouTube address in between the distortion. The YouTube channel in particular is this http://www.youtube.com/user/itbegins2012. Check out the creepy video below or in the channel itself. The other video was obviously a teaser for the return of the Big Red Machine, Kane! But more importantly, it could signal the return ofKane is his mask! More after the jump:
The video for itbegins2012 clearly states that a familiar face will return to “claim what is his”. This could lead us to believe that Chris Jericho will return on 2 January 2012 to either claim the WWE Championship or his ‘Best In The World’ moniker, both of which currently reside with CM Punk. Could this mean that an epic Jericho / Punk rivalry will come to a peak at WrestleMania 28? It could. Chris Jericho recently stated that he’s never coming back to the WWE, which only leads me to believe that he’ll be back sooner than later. It’s not the first time Jericho has dismissed WWE-return rumors, only to return within a month or two thereafter.
To me, however, the video seems a bit too creepy to be Jericho’s. All the grit, grey, and gloom suggest to me that this marks the first teaser video for The Undertaker’s inevitable return, possibly to take back the World Heavyweight Championship.
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