WWE WrestleMania 28 “Witness Generations Collide” Wallpaper


Happy 2012, everyone! It’s a brand new year, and what a great year it’s already set to be as far as fans of wrestling and sports entertainment are concerned. We have 12 whole months to cover before we decide how 2012 impacted the WWE, but right now there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds, and that’s WrestleMania 28. As tradition would have it, this site always opens up the year with a grand teaser of the Grandest Stage Of Them All, and this year is no different. Unchained Wrestling Network kick-starts updates for 2012 with a wallpaper of The Rock and John Cena ready to go to war with each other!
Now, I know the image above is from one of the official WrestleMania 28 posters. And thanks to VKM of WCFR, we got our hands on a hi-res copy and decided to turn it into an epic wallpaper of sorts. I made some changes, added some effects, and loaded it with some “kapoww!” to enhance what was already an epic image. My initial idea was to make a wallpaper that resembled last year’s teaser image, but I decided this one should be out first.
So, who are YOU supporting at WrestleMania 28? Are you a loyal soldier in the Cenation Army? Or are you one of The People in Team Bring It? I won’t lie; I’ll be chanting alongside ‘The People’ come April 1. The Rock headlining WrestleMania again is something I’ve waited a long, long time for and now that it’s happening, there’s no doubt in my mind whose side I’ll be on. If the WWE Championship is somehow a part of this match, then there’s nothing I’d like to see more than The Rock hold up that title one more time (however unlikely that may be). If it’s just a one-on-one all-out war, then there’s nothing more I’d like to see than another Rock victory celebration at a show like WrestleMania, in The Great One’shometown of Miami, Fl. We’ll see how it all goes down.
As for Cena…I respect the guy. I may not like him as a superstar, I may question his standpoint and constant inability to get angry, but I respect him as a WWE workhorse and ambassador. This new angle he has with Kane (of all people) is pretty interesting, and I won’t be surprised if the Big Red Machine turns out to be the one who finally manages to make Cena snap. Kane has always been a catalyst for great change within the WWE, so why not now?
I can go on for days about how big of an event WrestleMania 28 is, but then you’ll never be able to download the wallpaper. It’s easy for us self-proclaimed “armchair bookers” to sit back and criticize WWE’s moves and say that this match hogs the spotlight. Sometimes you have to be a complete mark to really enjoy the magnitude behind this monumental showdown, and that’s what I’m going to do on the road leading up to this thing. Download and enjoy the first wallpaper of the year, folks!

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