Download The Chris Jericho "The End Begins" Wallpaper

As predicted and anticipated from the very beginning, the 6-week long cryptic ‘It Begins‘ viral videos finally led to the inevitable return of none other than the first-ever WWE Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho! It was a ‘holy f**kin’ hell yeah!‘ moment for the fans as the pyros hit and Jericho’s signature theme song played. But wait…what’s this? No suit, no tux, no tie? No devilish smirk? Nope, Jericho returned to WWE as the charismatic, party-rockin’, Highlight of The Night…Y2J! Or did he? 
I think what Jericho pulled on Raw was pure genius. He played the fans like a fiddle, getting them to cheer at his every move, and then left without saying a word. There’s a genuine confusion in the air and I love it. We hardly get any ‘real’ confusion or suspense in WWE anymore. People are wondering if Jericho is a good guy, or a bad guy, or both. Why didn’t he speak? What’s with the Cheshire Cat grin off his face? If he’s a heel, why didn’t he berate the fans and call them a bunch of tapeworms? And why were those promos so damn creepy for Christ’s sake?!
So many questions, all of which only Jericho holds the answers to. I can only hope that WWE somehow ties the ominous, creeptastic vibe from those promos into Jericho’s character in the coming weeks…otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense. Trust me on one thing; Chris Jericho is a heel whether you like it or not. He’s not Y2J, he’s not the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla, and he’s not here to make friends with the fans. He’s a heel. And if I’m not mistaken, he’s gunning for a certain someone who claims that he’s also The Best In The World…who so happens to be our current WWE Champion. I can see Jericho winning theRoyal Rumble to earn his spot at WrestleMania.
Meanwhile, as we wait for next week’s Raw to possibly shed some light on all the controversy surrounding Jericho and his return, treat your screens to a brand new wallpaper of the man who will, without a doubt, take Raw by the throat and head into WrestleMania for one helluva match. What better time than right now to have a wallpaper, aptly titled ‘The End Begins‘, of the self-proclaimed Best In The World, Chris Jericho! Download and enjoy, all!

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