WWE '13 Coming Soon (Updates and Tweets)

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It has been confirmed that WWE '13 videogame is under-development and it will be officially 
announced in early 2012 . It has also been confirmed by Cory that there is going to be 
WWE'13 Videogame! but a pretty hugh change has just got approved for WWE '13 ,which we 
might probably find out in the next E3 or the next summer

Evan Bourne:

“I wonder if WWE ’13 will have our twitter handles, random tweet pop ups and Cole talking 

tweets? Might make gameplay as annoying as viewing.”

“My guess is WWE 13: “The Network”. You are Vince and control the WWE with a WWE 

“Univers(e)al” Remote. Create history and earn money!”

Marcus Stephenson:  (Part Community Manager and part designer) 

Just played an online match. I'm personally taking out running grapples next year. Maybe 

you'll get to do 2 per match.

Edit Mins later he posted the following: 

C'mon, guys. I'm kidding about the removing the running grapples. If I were serious, I 

wouldn't even give you two... ;)

We personally want it to be limited so people playing online could stop misusing the running 

grapples moves.
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