Triple H VS Under Taker WrestleMania 28 Rematch


Dave Meltzer has confirmed on Wrestling Observer Radio that Triple H vs The Undertaker is set as one of the main events at next year’s Wrestlemania, coming April 1st from Miami, Florida. This will be a rematch from last year’s epic encounter at Wrestlemania 27 and mirrors the back-to-back Wrestlemania matches Shawn Michaels had with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania where he tried to break Taker’s streak.
The build up to the match started last night on RAW when Triple H won a Slammy Award in relation to last year’s match. He trash talked The Undertaker, saying that by being the first superstar to injury him and force him out on a stretcher, even though he lost the Wrestlemania match, Hunter effectively ended the Deadman’s streak.
Of course we should not forget that plans change at the WWE on a regular basis but previous reports said that three Wrestlemania main events were set. Only one is officially confirmed; The Rock vs. John Cena but we also expect CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho for the WWE Title and now The Undertaker vs. Triple H.
This would mean the WWE World Heavyweight Title match would likely be fourth from the top.
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