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Tables, Ladders, Chairs …and Sledgehammers. It’s All Legal!
Let me cut straight to the point. I’m not looking forward to this PPV. There’s nothing on that matchcard that makes me say “Hey, that’s worth 3-hours of my time AND some of my money!”. Except CM Punk. That guy is absolute gold and the only real opponent he has in WWE right now is WWE itself, and how they’ve successfully managed to slow down even his momentum. So what made me buy this PPV? One word. Kane!
Now, you probably think I’m an idiot because A) Kane doesn’t have a match and B) Kane may not even show up at the event. That’s okay because I have a backup plan. I’m also buying this PPV because John Cena isn’t on the card…yet. I’m not a Cena-hater, but I am a strong believer in change and one thing that has to change is John Cena hogging every main event of the year. Now, you probably still think I’m an idiot because A) John Cena’s bound to get thrown into a match on Sunday and B) Not having Cena on the card doesn’t make the card any less lackluster. I agree. Which is why in all honestly I’m buying this PPV because it’s the holidays, I like WWE despite their ongoing ability to f**k things up, and spending 3-hours watching their final PPV of the year this Sunday doesn’t seem so bad, especially when you consider the unintentional humor in store. I’d love to see how Kevin Nash tries to pull off an entertaining match. The same goes for Booker T. And if Kaneshows up, that’s a HUGE bonus.
There’s really nothing much I can say about this card that hasn’t already been said. It’s a crappy-looking card. A Ladder Match for the Sledgehammer? Which genius backstage made that hot mess? All I know is that that hammer’s been lying under the ring ever since the beginning of time, but for some reason these two (who are like the anti-Hardys when it comes to ladders) have to climb a damn ladder to get a hold of it. What the hell for? Why not just use the abundance of tables and chairs splattered all over the arena as weapons instead? Heck, why not just use the damn ladder as a weapon instead of climbing it to get hold of a hammer? That’s like using a gun to shoot another gun just so you can use the second gun as a weapon.
Anyway, get this wallpaper as we head into the end of the week. After SmackDown!, it’s TLC. I’m thinking it’s going to be bad, but hey…you just never know. It could turn out being pretty awesome. Kudos and thanks to VKM and the guys at WCFR for providing us with some of the hi-res imahes in this wallpaper. Download and enjoy, all!

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