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The Beast Has Returned to Unleash Hellfire & Brimstone!
I realize some of you may not have been fans back when Kane originally wore a mask. You may have seen videos online or on DVDs or seen pictures of the Big Red ‘Masked’ Machine. I watched Kane when he had a full mask on in the late 90′s. And I watched as he slowly regained his voice. And then I saw him return to destroy the Un-Americans one night, while debuting his ‘half-mask‘. Then in 2003, one of WWE’s longest-running secrets was shattered when Kane was forced to remove his mask and expose his face to the world. Hence started an 8-year era of the new Kane. Some say the mask held him back, and he was truly unleashed once it came off. But as a longtime Kane fan let me assure you, the mask isn’t a prison. It’s what makes Kane a monster. Without the mask Kane is a brawler, but with it he’s a beast. Now nearly a decade later, the dreaded mask has resurfaced, bringing with it a new breed of Kane that the WWE roster has yet to face!
For those of you who did watch Kane back in the late 90′s and early 2000′s, you know how huge this is that he’s finally back with the mask!
Now, I know some of us expected Kane to return with a full-mask on. I’m actually kinda glad he didn’t cover all of his face. I mean he does when he’s with the ‘Predator-Rocketeer’ mask, but underneath that is a variation of the last mask he wore before exposing his identity to the world. And even with half his face being clearly visible and no tattoos on his arms, some fans are convinced that it’s The Undertaker under the mask and not Kane. Can you imagine what people would start to assume if he covered all of his face? It’d be conspiracy-theory galore. “It’s Luke Gallows! No it’s JBL! No, it’s Undertaker and they used concealer to cover his arms! No, it’s Eugene!” It would be unbearable.
Also, the suit may not be tailored (pun intended) to everyone’s interests, but it looks badass to me. I’m not a fan of the bright orange flames rising out of Kane’s boot, but I’ll grow to like it in time. They’ll change it in time. The mask, however, looks terrifying. It looks genuinely frightening, which makes me wonder if they’ll change it soon thanks to the PG rating. I can hear WWE’s backstage pansies screaming “It’ll scare the kids away!” right now.
We’ll get to find out what Kane’s role on Raw is tonight. Is he a heel? Is he a babyface? Is he a neutral character like The Undertaker? Speaking of which, is The Undertaker coming back on 2 January 2012? Will the Brothers of Destruction return, or will these two get violent with each other and head into WrestleMania for the third time? Is Kane starting a feud with John Cena? So many questions, only time will tell. To be honest, I don’t really mind any angle as long as Kane is given the proper push and made to be the monster that he has missed being for far too long.
Major thanks to VKM and WCFR for providing the hi-res image of the Big Red Monster, now with a brand new attire and mask. Kane is back, better than ever, and is ready to reign down on Raw with Hellfire and Brimstone. It’s been far too long since Raw felt the wrath of this masked monster, now it’s time for the new generation of superstars to get to know the real monster that is Kane! Download this wallpaper, aptly titled “Resurrected” for all your screens. Blackberry and iPad resolutions also available!

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