Download The Rock's New "Boots To Asses" Wallpaper


WWE Survivor Series is just right around the corner and personally, I can’t wait! Apart from CM Punk winning the WWE title (that’s a prediction btw),  we’re gonna see Rocky wrestle again after 7 years. A bit of ring rust will be there but overall, I think The Rock will still manage to bring his entertaining way of ass-whoopin’ to Awesome Truth (and hopefully Cena) like he never went away from wrestling. With the way he’s training for this match and how he looks like a beast now, this match will be something that The Rock will make sure he proves his greatness again. He’ll be serving a number of People’s Elbows and Rock Bottoms for sure. As for my prediction, even with the smackdown Awesome Truth they’re about to get, Miz and R-Truth will win this tag match. The outcome will further set up the Rock-Cena WrestleMania match and give Awesome Truth with some serious and legit bragging rights. Whatever the outcome will be, we, the fans, are the real winners here. Epic tag match comin’ up!
Kupy Wrestling Wallpapers brings to you this wallpaper of the captain of Team Bring It, The Rock, Boots to Asses-inspired! Get ready for tomorrow for The Great One! We’re all about to see what greatness really is. Download thewrestling wallpaper now!
Disclaimer: Images & Logos of The Rock, Boots to Asses and Team Bring It belong to and are copyrighted to/by WWE. There is no copyright infringement intended.

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  1. I have been anxiously waiting for Rock to go one on one against Cena in survivor series.He is really a peoples champ and it would be great to see him wrestle after 7 years.I hope the match is a memorable one.

  2. Rock has been my favorite wrestler since his arrival in WWE.I have watched him reach peak of popularity.I am excited to have his new poster and his comeback is even more thrilling.I hope he is able to overpower Cena at wrestle mania.

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