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CM Punk had the wrestling world in a tremendous buzz this past week on RAW. His (worked) shoot promo at the end of the show was one of the best wrestler promos I’ve ever seen in my life. It was brutally honest yet still a bit controlled/contained. Too bad WWE quickly pulled the plug when Punk was about to tell a personal story about Vince.

His co-workers, co-wrestlers – friends or enemies (Kurt Angle) gave him nothing but praise, except for The Rock. Dwayne retaliated by saying he’s on the main event of WrestleMania 28 because he can draw more money in one night than Punk can draw in his whole lifetime. To a certain extent, that may be true, for now. There’s no telling if CM Punk can use this momentum he has right now, stay in WWE, and then who knows maybe in a year or two, he’ll be the new top face of the company. His own one-man revolution right now could be a money maker for WWE on the near future, especially if he feuds with hopefully-soon-to-be heel Cena and McMahon on MITB PPV. The reversal of roles would be kind of similar to Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin before. It would then mark a new era in WWE, though Cena is totally dominating everything right now, from PG programming to winning matches in Superman fashion. CM Punk may not be the best to some, but he’s definitely better than John Cena. Here’s hoping WWE will pull out a swerve and retain CM Punk for the long haul. Let him roll with the ball and we’ll know whether he can back up his words or not. I think it’ll be the former.

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