WWE SmackDown 5/20/11 Spoilers result


Smackdown 5/20/11 Results *Spoilers* (Airing Friday on SyFy)
  • - Christian beat Sheamus by DQ. Mark Henry interfered. Randy Orton took his time, but made the save.
  • Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase came out. Cody got major heat for the paper bags when DiBiase said he represented Corpus Christi with a bag over his head.
  • -. Ted DiBiase beat Trent Baretta.
  • Ezekiel Jackson came out and then The Corre followed. Teddy Long interrupted and made a six-man tag match.
  • - Kane, Big Show, and Ezekiel Jackson beat The Corre in a six-man tag.
  • - Brie Bella beat Natalya. Bella won with the X Factor. Kharma didn’t show up, which upset the fans.
  • - Daniel Bryan beat Chavo Guerrero. A five minute match. Sin Cara came out and hit a huracanrana on Chavo after the Match. It looked like they were setting up Sin Cara vs. Chavo for
      Over The Limit 2011
  • - Randy Orton beat Mark Henry by DQ. Sheamus interfered. Christian took his time before coming out and making the save.
    • Dark Match
  • - Randy Orton wrestled Christian to a no-contest. The match ended in interference from Sheamus and Mark Henry.

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