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As previously reported, WWE RAW Superstar John Morrison is set to undergo neck surgery.

We can now confirm that the reason Morrison needs this surgery is due to injuries he sustained back at WWE Extreme Rules, in which Morrison competed in the main event. Following the match, Morrison was complaining of neck pain.
Sometime after the pay-per-view concluded, it was learned that Morrison would indeed need to undergo surgery, so the segment between Morrison and R-Truth on last week's RAW was penciled in in order to write Morrison off of television for the time being.
As of this writing, it is not known how much time Morrison will have to miss from the ring, but we will keep you updated as we learn more information.
John Morrison stated on his Twitter account this morning that he's undergoing surgery to repair his neck. He wrote: 

"I'm about to get an operation to fix my neck- I will return @RonKillings."

The Raw Superstar did not work this past weekend's Raw live events despite being advertised.

A WWE source informed us over the weekend that Morrison has been dealing with a bad neck for quite some time.

We'll keep you posted on his status - hopefully everything goes smoothly and he has a quick
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