Download the Cody Rhodes-"No More Dashing" Wallpaper 3D WallPaper Included


I’ve said before that Cody Rhodes’ star was born on WrestleMania 27. I know his newfound mean streak was built up nicely heading to the event but in my eyes, he was still unproven in the ring using his new character. And when he wrestled Rey Mysterio that night, I knew right there that this guy has found his road to stardom. The Dashing gimmick was good but it won’t give him a serious push. This Dr. Doom-ish character is quite brilliant and innovative. It gives him a mysterious aura and an unstable and most importantly, a dangerous personality, just like what Kane was when he still had his mask on. The injury somehow benefited him more. That’s pretty rare. Also, the paper bags he’s been handing out to audience lately gives another sick touch to his already wicked character. Brilliant thinking if you ask me.

Dashing or not, Cody Rhodes has solidify his spot on the WWE ladder. Here’s hoping we’ll get more paper bags from him

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                                                        (New Feature: 3D Wallpaper)

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