Stone Cold "Steve Austin" "3:16" WallPaper (Download)


“Stomping Mudholes… and Walking Em’ Dry!”
Glass shatters. Music hits. Walks down the ramp. Enters ring. Flips the finger to his opponent. Crowd goes nuts. Brawl. Stomps a mudhole in rival’s ass. Stunner! Three-count. Beer bash, all hell breaks loose! Walks out of ring and back to locker room with a sick smile on his face. This is a typical scenario of an “ordinary” day from the era of the Texas Rattlesnake, and it’s safe to say that no other superstar in the history of the business defines the word “Badass” more than Stone Cold Steve Austin.I’ve been following Tough Enough lately and am pretty surprised at how interesting it really is. I don’t really care for the contestants because most of them suck at the moment, but I absolutely love how Stone Cold verbally butchers them towards the end of each show. He doesn’t hold back on his words, he doesn’t give a s**t about anyone’s feelings or if they start to cry, and he literally “owns” anyone who isn’t passionate enough about joining WWE. We don’t normally see that Stone Cold during his appearances on Raw anymore, since now he has to put over younger guys and whatnot. But back when he was an active competitor, there was nothing that could save you from Stone Cold’s verbal assaults if he had a bullseye on your back. That’s why one of my favorite “Stone Cold moments” in the last few years has got to be him staring down The Rock at WrestleMania 27, and him opening up a major can of WhoopAss on The Miz and Alex Riley a couple of weeks ago on Raw.THAT was the Stone Cold we wanna’ see. Pure badassness unleashedAnyway, I figured this would be a good time to have a new Stone Cold Steve Austinwallpaper on the site. No, this isn’t a new T-shirt but something that’s inspired by a lot of his logos. Skulls, iconic shattering glass, 3:16, and images of Austin being the toughest son off a b*tch on the planet!

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