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As most of you already know, Edge has announced his retirement last night on RAW. I didn’t wanna believe it at first. Thought it was an angle or something. Then after watching that segment, I realize that this was no angle they’re making up. It was 100% legit. I felt he had to make an immediate announcement and he wasn’t prepared for it. He cares about his health a lot and I believe once he was notified by his doctor(s) about the situation, Edge decided it was time. It wasn’t on his terms just like what he said, but I admire his decision to finally hang the boots. No one wants to see him in a wheelchair after WrestleMania 28 (if that was his target retirement). Also, Alberto would’ve even interrupted him if this was a storyline.

Bring me back to 1999 and I wouldn’t bet on this guy being an 11-time world champion. It’s amazing how Edge accomplished a lot in his short career (short compared to, let’s say, Ric Flair?). From being a member of The Brood, his antics with Christian, TLC matches with the Dudleys and Hardys, teaming up with Hogan, his sexcapades with Lita and Vickie (LOL), big-time feuds with the likes of Cena, Undertaker, Jericho and Shawn Michaels. I could go on and on. This was his childhood dream, and he exceeded all expectations, even his own. Edge, thank you so much for all the great memories you’ve given us. Hall of Fame career and person.

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