Download WrestleMania 27 “Edge vs Alberto Del Rio” Wallpaper (Two sizes)


don’t think Del Rio is boring, and I don’t think it’s too soon for him to win the big one. Del Rio has great in-ring presence, he cuts good promos, and he’s a pretty menacing heel. It’s a shame that the crowd’s response to him isn’t as loud as it should be, most of the time. If WWE can have Jack Swagger and Sheamus be champions, why not Del Rio? Both those guys had insanely boring title runs, and I’m sure Del Rio will do a much better job with the belt around his waist. Hey, I likeEdge as a superstar too, and if he retains the belt I wouldn’t mind the outcome, but I’m hoping to see what Del Rio can do as champion. This will be a fun match to watch. You know what will make it even more entertaining? Christian. If Captain Charisma was given the chance to headline WrestleMania 27 in a Triple Threat, that would be awesome! The guy deserves his shot, and by that I don’t mean he needs to stand at ringside and watch Edge’s back just because Del Rio has that oversized bulldog, Brodus Clay, ready to cause some havoc. Christian is a damn good entertainer and it wouldn’t hurt the company to give him his spot.
Either way, if Christian does make it into the match in any way, there’s a huge chance he’ll probably back-stab Edge and turn heel., just to give his character a boost. It’ll be an interesting twist, but I like ‘babyface Christian’ better than ‘heel Christian’. We’ll see what goes down.

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